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Imagine a rural area with big trees, 92 species of identified birds, beautiful sporting grounds, an electric atmosphere with up-to-date classrooms equipped with the latest technology filled with eager learners. Add to this mixture enthusiastic teachers and a super conducive environment for learning. That is just a bird’s eye view of what you will get at Prestige College.

So many people who walk in here say that they feel something different when they walk into the school that we have tried to identify that feeling – or is it perhaps our Christian culture that expects respect and love for your neighbor and for God’s creation? Whatever it is that distinguishes us according to others’ views, this is a place of deep learning and belonging. Here we became a family over the years.

I, therefore, welcome each person who is taking interest in our school by reading here. We strive for excellence in everything we do like many other schools, but with that special “X- factor” to it. That is something special that is not so obvious to identify. We do well in sports (just heard today that we have 4 athletes in the South African athletics team who will participate in Kenya later this term) , we do well academically with a 100 pass rate and we have stunning teachers and learners. You are invited to come to the school and feel the vibrant atmosphere and see the learning culture that exists amongst teachers and learners.

Prestige is not just an ordinary school, we also strive to accommodate every type of learner to be able to excel in life and work towards a successful future. We, therefore, decided to add those courses to our broad curriculum that will accommodate those learners that prefer to learn in a different way. They can also be successful here by being part of the vocational courses that will soon be part of our offering as well as being able to qualify after school up to a National Diploma.

We are excited about the future and we would like to inspire all that become part of this school to be excited about their own future and to strive for success in whatever they want to achieve. We have to teach learners to create their own futures with hard work, dedication and perseverance. Our Christian character and fundamental values is what keep us motivated and inspired. We invite you to become part of this special place!