Prestige College

Prestige College was established in 1991 and opened its doors in January 1992. The school gained its independence in 1995 when it formed its own ARTICLE 21 COMPANY NOT FOR GAIN due to the vision and insight of Prof Bart Oberholzer who was the chairman of the trust at the time. Thereafter Prestige College bought the property from its former owners. Money was secured from Standard Bank and sponsors such as De Beers Chairman’s fund to further develop the school. Mrs. Pienaar, the principal of Prestige College Hammanskraal played a pivotal role in the acquisition of the property and the overall development of the school. She was later joined by her husband, Ds. Robby Pienaar and together with the Board of directors and the senior Management team they developed the school into what it is today…

Since its independence the school has developed remarkably. The Primary school, Technology Centre and two more hostel-houses were built, the Arena was upgraded and enclosed to form the “hall” that is still used today for assemblies and a multiple of other functions. The entrance gate was completed in 2004, when 4 more classrooms were erected, and a Pavilion seating 1400 people was added. The outdoor and adventure centre, Pro Act, was established on the western side of the land where camps and leadership opportunities are pursued. Today Prestige College is a learning centre that vibrates with up to date modern technology, buildings equipped with the latest technological devices and a curriculum that keeps up with the pace of the frenetic changes that the academic world is facing in South Africa.

We at Prestige College believe that a better future, with peace and prosperity for everybody in South Africa, is only possible through better education – an education that will prepare students academically but also equip them with the necessary skills to be able to participate fully in any society as responsible adults. At Prestige this quality education is pursued in a caring environment with Christian principles practiced and learned.

We are extremely blessed with well-trained, innovative and experienced staff, offering vibrant and interactive classes to enthusiastic learners in an idyllic setting. We encourage respect for others as we instil a love for learning. We celebrate the diverse cultures represented in our school. Teamwork and commitment of staff and learners have made it possible for Prestige College to stand out as a remarkable place. Here quality education is a way of living and we are proud to be the leaders in this outstanding educational institution. Prestige is a special place. We hope that everybody in contact with the school will have the same experience.

The school further developed a sport strategy of achieving excellence and because of the land that is available for the development of facilities, sports fields were added over a period of time. Presently the Titans Cricket Union got involved and sponsored the development of the Cricket field that is now ready for league matches.