An Opportunity of a Lifetime

The Global Alliance for Innovative Learning (GAIL) is a confederation of eight schools that are geographically dispersed, who embrace and practice similar educational principles. All members of the GAIL are forward thinking, independent, co-educational schools. The alliance is committed to building genuine connections based on authentic engagement, meaningful relationships, cooperation and trust. In July 2017, the international conference took place at Prestige College.

The interaction will permit all members of the alliance to enhance their own practice, whilst providing a forum to inform and influence the practice of others. It is when we rub shoulders and engage authentically with those from other countries, cultures and backgrounds that we truly learn and discover the common humanity that transcends our differences.

To be part of GAIL brought a special new opportunity to our learners as they may now apply to become part of an exchange program with any of the member schools. We follow a rigorous application process and it should commence at least 10 months in advance of the visit as there are many aspects to be considered and arranged. You have to be in Grade 9-11 to be considered for an exchange. More information is available at school on request.

ANNUAL CONVENTION: There will be a rotating annual 5-day convention of students and staff, where the host school will be responsible for the program, accommodation, food and hospitality, so that the only cost to visiting schools would be the cost of flights. Every year the Global Alliance will endeavour that the convention consists of a maximum of ten students and two staff members from each school, making it a total of 96 across the eight schools. The following are the schools involved: • Kristin School, Auckland, New Zealand • Scotch College, Adelaide, Australia • Prestige College, Gauteng, South Africa • The Grange School, Santiago, Chile • Western International School of Shanghai, China • Kimball Union Academy, New Hampshire, USA • Robert Gordon College, Aberdeen, Scotland • Woodstock International School, Mussoorie, India