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Prestige College is a happy educational environment based on Christian values, Multiple Intelligences, and quality learning that nurtures unique potential.


  • Providing quality education by professional teachers.
  • Assisting all learners and staff to develop their all-round qualities and self-discipline
  • to ensure their place in society as productive and responsible citizens.
  • Promoting respect for God and His creations as well as mutual respect and self-respect.
  • Promoting and establishing high ethical values and moral standards.
  • Striving for excellence and focusing on the future.


  • We base our credo on the existence of Christian ‘Ubuntu’.
  • We embrace a culture of excellence and achievement.
  • We are committed to providing training of the highest quality.
  • We undertake to manage the funds donated to us at the highest level of responsibility and integrity.
  • We strive to create an atmosphere of partnership and involvement amongst employees.
  • We pledge to serve our community with dedication.
  • We expect everyone involved in activities of, or associated with the College to:
  • Treat everybody with respect, dignity and empathy.
  • Foster a spirit of sharing, participation and co-operation.
  • Exist in harmony with and serve other individuals and society.
  • Be sincere and honest in all relationships and accommodate other people’s beliefs, cultures and value systems.


  • To use the Word of God as the foundation for all our decisions and actions.
  • To always act in the best interest of the child.
  • To serve the interests of child, parent and teacher.
  • To create and establish a sense of belonging and loyalty amongst all learners and staff.
  • To promote trust and respect for each other, for all authority and for oneself.
  • To develop, establish and maintain self-control, self-discipline and a high self esteem.
  • To establish and maintain firm discipline, as this is the cornerstone of education.
  • To acknowledge the authority of parents, teachers and management in the maintenance of discipline and order in the College.
  • To utilize our beautiful environment to its fullest capacity and at the same time promote environmental awareness amongst children.
  • To create a physical, psychological and social environment where children will feel the need to perform well.
  • To promote the Christian character of the College.