Prestige College - ChessIn a world that is increasingly driven by technology, chess is another way that Prestige College challenges learners mentally. It is an entertaining and engaging way to help growth and development, as well as build confidence and self-esteem.

Prestige College chess keeps growing – not only in numbers but also in maturity, value, and wisdom. At Prestige College we understand the impact that chess and our courses create in the lives of our students, leading them to continuous success and victory. The guidance and stability of our SA Chess-playing coaches is a further pillar of strength that greatly contributes to the success of our chess teams.

Our vision has always been to help children build three important skills in life through chess – critical thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving. We strongly believe that chess should be an integral part to education in general and therefore introduced it as a subject in Primary School.  Chess is one of the tools to develop the ability of decision-making skills in children. Today, we offer a rich experience for children with chess, giving them the right foundation to learn chess the right way through our structured curriculum!